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Chad Johnson Traded to the Eagles -- Not Likely

I am somewhat incredulous at the trade buzz around Chad.

In February, I wrote that I didn't think it was worth it to trade Chad Johnson because, in my view, I didn't think he would command much in return.

Let's look at the facts. 

While he was once the most feared wide receiver in the league, Chad is now 31.  He has a torn labrum in his shoulder that should have been surgically repaired but wasn't.  He is coming off his worst season.  He continues to throw tantrums on the sideline and behave petulantly in the locker room.  To further drive his stock down, last week he failed to report to the Bengals' off-season work out program. 

In November, The Sporting News surveyed NFL scouts and published a list of the top 40 wide receivers.  TJ was #11.  Chad wasn't listed.  I think it is clear that he is no longer regarded by those in the league as an elite wide receiver.

As Kirkendall wrote, ESPN's John Clayton has said the Bengals want a first and a third-round pick for Chad.  No wonder Clayton says there is a 20% chance that Chad will be traded.  If that is truly what the Bengals want for Chad, I think Clayton's guess is about 19% too high.

If the Bengals are lucky enough to get the Eagles or the Giants to give up a late pick in the first round, they should take it.  At this point, I think a high second round pick, perhaps packaged with something in 4th round, is more than enough for Chad.   Are you listening Oakland?

When he failed to have his shoulder repaired and did not report to off-season work outs last week, he breached the trust of his teammates and coaches.  

Chad will get his due when he gets traded to a team with a sub-par QB and a coach that will punch his lights out if he tries to kiss him.

Note that I am joining Kirkendall's "juvenile" protest against a grown man changing his name to Ocho Cinco and will call him Chad Johnson as well.