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Poll: Do you want Chad Johnson with the Cincinnati Bengals?

You know for the past week (actually the past year), we've constantly weighed our opinion on whether or not the Bengals should trade Johnson. Whether you think they should or not, is one thing. Whether they do, is another. Dave Lapham thinks that they're ready to trade him and fielding offers; even saying that many of the players on the team would drive him to the airport themselves.

People have weighed their opinion, and everyone is more than welcome to do it again if they want. However, now it's time for a poll. All I want is your numbers. Your opinion is always incredibly valuable to me -- provided you can actually talk about trading Johnson and not digging into the filth of sewerism by ripping other members here.

You have three options and this is only what you think, not what you expect the team to do. Do you think he should stay, should be traded, or simply outright released?