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Monday Links and Notes: Carson Palmer is giddy

Mike Zimmer on Roy Williams.

“He has always been an enforcer who can knock the ball loose,” Zimmer said of Williams. “We now would like to play him at free safety to the one receiver side because when he has depth, he knocks runners backwards and makes wide receivers look before catching the ball.”

Carson Palmer is pumped, singing Yippie Kai Yay mother...

"Definitely by far it's been the best offseason program since I've been here," Palmer said. "There have been no distractions. Everyone has been here to work, and that's been great for us. ...

"Everyone has been pushing each other, which is going to translate out onto the field. We're going to go out and compete and be physical. We've got a team that wants to compete."

"We got the best tackle and two great pass rushers. It should make the rest of the team better. It's almost like a new-look team. You've got guys coming in with a chip on their shoulder who are going to compete."

WDR questions what the Bengals have done since 2006 to address the issue of character.

Certainly we have not had a string of arrests like 2006.  But even one of our good guys got a DUI (though I wonder if NFL players really rack up DUIs at a rate much greater than the average adult male of similar age...).  Mikey redeemed Chris Henry against the wishes of Marvin.  We snagged Tank Johnson.  Drafted Jason Shirley in 2008.  Still gainfully employ a supreme nuisance, Chad Ochocinco.  And recently picked up Bernard Scott.

Chick Ludwig breaks down the 2009 rookies.

Dave talks about The Rattler.

The Sporting News on Andrew Whitworth, who they rank as the 15th best NFL guard.

Whitworth's smarts and versatility allow him to fill in at any spot along the offensive line, and he ended up moving out to left tackle last season and played very well. With young offensive tackles Anthony Collins and Andre Smith in the fold, he should make a move back inside. He makes great use of his hands and can be an absolute mauler in the run game, which will be a focus of the Bengals offense this year. Whitworth's intelligence, instincts, and experience at tackle should make for improved play in pass protection.