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You have to know how to spell Cincinnati, right?

So I did a quick Google News search on "Bengals", and as per usual with my narcissistic bad-self, I noticed that Jay's pre-season preview scored top billing. Then I saw this.

How do people misspell the name of a major American city? Forget that it's Bleacher Report. Forget all that. How does someone not know how to spell Cincinnati? It's not hard. In fact I learned it back before I what what hot for teacher actually meant. Hell, I learned Mississippi. Cin-Cin-Nati. Cin-Cin-Nati. Not Cin-Cin-ATTI. What the hell is an Atti?

Furthermore, how do you publish something without a spell check? That's just a pride thing, I suppose. How do you add another T, take away an N and think to yourself, that's perfect! No errors there. Now that the headline, which is the most important part of ANY post or article, is set, let's write an article about a city in which we can't spell the name correctly.

Now, to be fair (because it wouldn't be Kirkendall if he didn't sit on the fence about everything), I didn't read the piece -- I tend to tune out when people can't spell the name of my city right. Sorry. Call it ego. Whatever. I don't care. The point is, I'm done. Also, to be fair, I don't know the writer and it could be an honest mistake. And maybe the writer is a good person and all that. So maybe I'm being too harsh. However, this has been a long time brewing, simmering. Perhaps I heard a cricket and in my effort to digitally smash it, I went into another tangent. I mean, really far away tangent. For some reason, the misspelling of Cincinnati drives me through a wall, like Reagan Mauia's precut wall before he crashed through.

And the penalty for anyone that points out the countless mistakes that I've made, you will face an immediate ban, along with a surprise visit by Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris.