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Andre Smith fires agent, talks to old agent who denies to be rehired... now breathe

Bengals rookie offensive tackle is reportedly changing agents again, writes Roll 'Bama Roll's Kleph). After Smith's disastrous NFL Combine, he fired his first NFL agent, Alvin Keels. Later, he hired Rich Smith. Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter wrote in his twitter that he just "confirmed that Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith has terminated his contract with Priority Sports. He's now seeking his 3rd agent."

Keels, Smith's original agent has reportedly been confirmed by various media reports to still be in contact with the rookie, some going so far as to say that Smith has hired him already.

However, our own local Joe Reedy reminds everyone that obtaining truth takes effort. So he reaches out to Keels who denies that Smith has hired him, or anyone else for that matter.

Alvin Keels is the same agent that advised that the Jets Leon Washington sit out until New York offers the running back a better deal. Washington is scheduled to earn $535,000 for 2009 -- which isn't so bad for a guy that recorded 448 yards rushing in 2008.