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Confirmed: Bengals to be on Hard Knocks

The Bengals are reportedly set to make a major announcement on Thursday. Nick Hurm, writing in the blog for the Cincinnati Enquirer has the release:

An announcement regarding a major development for the Bengals 2009 preseason will be made tomorrow (Thursday) at noon in the news conference room at Paul Brown Stadium. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis will be among the speakers.

We kind of have a feeling on what this announcement is. No, it's not Willie Anderson's retirement; we should email every day both the team and former player that the two should come to an agreement for a one-day deal.

We'll just say that we think that has something to do with the network HBO and a program with the initials Hard Knocks. Honestly, it's a guess. But this is about the time last year that it was announced the Dallas Cowboys would be featured in 2008.

UPDATE: Joe Reedy confirms it:

The Bengals are expected to be officially named on Thursday as the team that will appear on HBO’s “Hard Knocks: Training Camp.”

The team has scheduled a noon press conference at Paul Brown Stadium to make “an announcement regarding a major development for the Bengals 2009 preseason."

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and NFL Films President Steve Sabol are expected to be among the speakers.