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Reactions to the announcement of the Bengals being on Hard Knocks

If you plan on getting HBO for the simple reason of watching the Cincinnati Bengals on Hard Knocks, then your deadline is August 12 at 10 p.m. That's when this year's show kicks off, for a five-week run of one-hour episodes which should lead into the regular season. You can see video clips here and here and here.

Dave calls it a win. So do we. Paul Daugherty questions it (a lot). James Walker wonders if the Bengals can break the Hard Knocks curse. Tank Johnson was on last year's show.

Johnson became one of the show's stars last year when the cameras followed the Cowboys because of his salty language, ability to say what he wanted and camera loving. This off-season Johnson signed with the Bengals, so I will venture to guess he will get plenty of camera time this summer. It might be a battle for face time between Johnson and Chad Ochocinco. And maybe Roy Williams will have the chance to reprise his role as team jokester, too.

So why did Marvin Lewis say yes, when Geoff Hobson writes the Bengals were approached in the past.

"I think we've got a mature group of guys that are fighting for jobs. They won't notice the cameras. We know there'll be special things that guys will be a part of; I think that way we're mature enough. Steve has approached me before and we didn't come to the same conclusion. This time I did because I think we're in a different step in the team's maturity and where we are. I think it's great for our fans. I felt like we could handle this."

The exposure will be good for the Bengals, who continue to carry a misconception, as well as a caricature that's three years old. Oddly enough, this could be the one thing that brings Chad Johnson back to the fold -- annoying or not, when he's happy, he's really good. Deeper coverage into the lives of players and coaches will be awesome for us all. And the position battles. Boy, that will be fun to watch. We'll have open threads, post-broadcast discussions and polls. We'll have it all.