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Friday Notes: Rankings, spellings, storylines... oh my

+ Scout, Inc has the Bengals ranked 25th in their first power rankings.

25) Cincinnati Bengals: The offensive line is a shell of what it once was, but the addition of Andre Smith will help. Getting back a healthy Carson Palmer behind center has to help their offense as a whole. The defense, under Mike Zimmer, is probably a bit underrated and has a chance to surprise this season.

Needs Still to be Filled: RT, DT, DE, CB

We better get used to the underdog role for some time. We didn't prove a thing with last year's performance, so all that provin' has to be done this year. Which it will be.

+ Sporting News ranked the top receivers in the NFL. If this list comes out in 2007, then the Bengals would two receivers in the top-five. Be that as it may, it didn't. Today, the Bengals have one receiver in the top-20.

16. Chad Johnson, Bengals. Johnson, a.k.a "Ocho Cinco," is coming off his worst season but did play most of the year without QB Carson Palmer. Some say Johnson is in decline, but we think he remains a good route-runner who is capable of stretching the field. Johnson can return to the Pro Bowl this year -- if he gets his mind right and has Palmer at 100 percent.

+ Pro Football Weekly believes that the Bengals were the right choice, saying "this is going to be some quality programming, I tell ya." The reasoning is that there's far more interesting potential storylines than just Chad Johnson.

...they strike again.

Even worse, as of 10:30 a.m. on May 15, the headline of the article misspelled Cincinnati. Two days it's been like that. It's one thing that we do it casually in an email, or in the comments section. It's another when a site does it seriously introducing their articles. However, I'm going to give a repreive. I think they have headline writers; which would make sense due to the consistent misspellings. I doubt it's the author of the piece, because they generally spell the city correctly. And lately, they're talking the Bengals up, which always scores brownie points.