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Dhani Tackles The Globe Finale Tonight

Tonight, the Travel Channel is airing the finale of the Cincinnati linebacker's nice little series of learning about different cultures by taking part in local sports customs.  Tonight's episode finds Jones in Russia, taking part in the unfortunately named martial art, Sambo.  While Jones experienced different kinds of competitions, four of the ten locations featured some kind of combat-based activity.

For some reason, that stands out to me. 

I guess if you want to learn about something about different culture, see how they defend themselves. Hopefully for Bengals fans, some of these new techniques, like the grappling and the training Dhani went through -- especially in Cambodia -- will benefit the linebacker's technique when he hits the field.

Perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part, but I doubt the Bengals workouts are as severe as when he was learning Pradal Serey.

Tonight's episode airs at 9pm Eastern, but if you are trapped by the 24 season finale, the Travel Channel is really good at repeating episodes.  You know, just in case your DVR doesn't work.