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Bengals OTAs begin; Palmer to throw 150-180 times

Today the Bengals begin OTAs (Organized Team Activities). Carson Palmer. Carson Palmer. Carson Palmer.

“I’m very eager to get out there and participate,” Palmer said. “When you combine the fresh new guys with those trying to win jobs, there are a number of guys I’m excited about.

Joe Reedy writes that Palmer "plans to throw 150 passes during the two-hour practices, which is consistent with past years." Geoff Hobson puts that number between 150-180 tosses.

There are 40 players on this year's roster that wasn't here a year ago, writes Hobson, who points out the competition during position battles and the question, where the hell will Andre Smith start?

My new best friend lists what ten things that we may see during HBO's Hard Knocks.

Shutdown Corner predicts an eight-win season for the Bengals.

The Bengals should give Edgerrin James a call, and make him the team's third-down running back | The Saints are considering.

Former UC teammates Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith are current teammates with the Dallas Cowboys.

Former Bengals wide receiver Kelley Washington signs with the Baltimore Ravens.


Did you watch 24? Good season finale. Wrapped up most of the plot, and left wide open the plot for next season. I enjoyed it.

Tony Kornheiser out. Jon Gruden in. Happy?

Is James Harrison the most introspective person you've ever known?