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Chuck Bresnahan finds new football life; comparing his three-years with Zimmer's first with Cincinnati Bengals

Former Bengals defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan (left) has a new gig. He hasn't been with Cincinnati since 2007. Come to think of it, neither has Bryan Robinson. Who are these guys?

In truth, when the list was released, I had to do a quick double-take. No, not because a former Bengals defensive coordinator couldn't find a job in the NFL -- much less a defensive coordinator position. It's because one Bengals former defensive coordinator couldn't even win a defensive coordinator job for the new United Football League.

The Orlando team, under head coach Jim Haslett, hired former Bengals defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan to be the team's linebackers coach for their inaugural season (and we wonder if their only season). Bresnahan was the Bengals' defensive coordinator from 2005-2007, taking over for Leslie Frazier who was fired after two unfulfilling seasons. In three seasons, Bresnahan's defense never ranked higher than 27th in yards allowed.

How would you compare he and new defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer?


Points First Downs Yards 3rd D.
2005 350 321 5,419 81-190
2006 331 337 5,681 88-211
2007 385 313 5,580 86-201
Total 1,066 971 16,680 255-602
2008 364 296 5,208 93-218

Breaking them down to averages per game.

  Bresnahan Zimmer
Points 22.2 22.7 (364)
Yards 347.5 325.5 (5,208)
First Downs 20.2 18.5
Third Downs 42% 47% (93-218

The Bengals turnovers forced and quarterback sacks favored Bresnahan.

Season Coordinator Interceptions FF FR Sacks
2005 Bresnahan 31 31 13 28
2006 Bresnahan 19 24 12 35
2007 Bresnahan 19 28 16 22
2008 Zimmer 12 20 12 17

* FF means Forced Fumbles and FR means Fumble Recovery and that thing they wear on their heads are called helmets.

In truth, the comparison holds little meaning. While Bresnahan was working with established veterans, Mike Zimmer was given a group of young rookies and second-year players. There's an argument to be made that our offense stunk so bad last year, that it's amazing the defense performed as well as they did. So then, you're wondering, why the comparison? No reason. Just playing with numbers. You know. Chill-axing.

Speaking of the UFL, player signings will take place in July. Peter Warrick anyone? Mid-way through the month, teams will announce their names and uniforms. Logos will be unveiled in mid-September and the season gets underway in October. After the four teams wrap up the six-week regular season, the Championship Game will take place during Thanksgiving weekend.

That's your UFL break for the year -- until Peter Warrick signs.

(h/t WDR)