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Competition for third-string quarterback already being waged

The Cincinnati Bengals are working out former the Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback, Todd Boeckman. The same quarterback that was benched, or had his role significantly reduced after losing to Southern Cal 35-3. That's the same game that Rey Maualuga intercepted a Boeckman pass and returned it for a touchdown late in the second quarter. Rey. Todd. Both are working out this weekend with the same team. Fate and its ironies are a beautiful thing.

While he and fellow rookie quarterback Billy Farris are rotating snaps this weekend, neither have thrown a pick.

“It’s a great indoctrination for them,” offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski said. “We’re throwing a lot at them. We’re moving along quickly. It’s very challenging for them, and they’re doing a good job with it.”

The point here is that both quarterbacks competing with each other, and eventually with Jordan Palmer, to earn a third-string quarterback job with the team. Jordan has a leg-up for limited experience in training camp, as well as some snaps during the regular season. Oh, and there's the whole gushy quarterback brothers on the same roster angle.

It's not the high profile position battle, like what we'll see on the offensive line, or at fullback, or possibly on the defensive line; however, it is a battle that will be fought. And if I get a "crickets" comment from Walrus on this, I'm calling Jason Bourne and/or Jack Bauer.