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Bengals are "out of the picture" for Roderick Hood

Roderick Hood won't be coming to the Bengals

If you had hoped that the Bengals would sign Roderick Hood, don't hold your breath. In fact, never hold your breath. It's not good for you. Unless you drive by farms to and from work with a herd of cows that are licking the 30-year old mesh fence that barely keeps them from the road. Then hold your breath.

Either way, the Roderick Hood sweepstakes is gaining traction with several teams, including a contract offer from the St. Louis Rams. However, one team that appeared interested that doesn't have a chance, is the Bengals. Mike Florio says that Hood is out of the picture.

Is it a bad thing? Nah. If anything, it was a stretch. Hood wasn't going to start. Probably not even compete to start. Likely he would have been the team's third cornerback and/or nickel.

As it stands, the Bengals still have seven cornerbacks on roster (including the unsigned Morgan Trent) with the starters being former first-round draft picks Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph.