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Cedric Benson, Brian Leonard, Bernard Scott: Is the Cincinnati Bengals Running Back lineup set?

Cedric Benson is the team's feature back. However, is the team's entire running back lineup already set?

There's a feeling that the Bengals already have their running back lineup set. The problem with such finality is that when forecasting these things, variables always upset the balance. For instance, if the Bengals break camp with Cedric Benson, Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard, then in a sense, the team had a perfect scenario pass without injury. We know Benson is the team's feature back. It's his job to lose. We know that Leonard is able and that Scott is the most dynamic and speediest back. If there's a guy that brings the most intrigue, it's Scott. Throw in a guy like Fui Vakapuna at fullback, who can block and run the ball during short to-go yardage situations, the team has a balance of running backs that can be featured depending on the play called.

On the outs looking in: DeDe Dorsey, Kenny Watson, James Johnson, Marlon Lucky. Of those four players, Lucky is the most likely to make the team's practice squad, as as well as possibly fullback Chris Pressley. What about Jeremi Johnson? I feel it's becoming unlikely that he makes the squad. Even with a great performance during camp, if Johnson resumes his role as the team's fullback, there's always the question afterwards about his weight. He's only signed to a one-year deal. You have to consider a guy like Vakapuna will be a Bengals fullback for at least 3-4 years -- if not longer depending on the new CBA will be structured. So wouldn't it make more sense getting Vakapuna in the lineup now?