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Tuesday Morning Links and Notes: There is no battle between Palmer and Chad

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During an interview with Scouts Inc, Matt Williamson was asked, "Will the public fighting between Palmer and Ochocinco eventually blow over, or can this impact chemistry between the two?" Why do people think there's a battle royale going on? Chad Johnson has said nothing and hasn't responded to Palmer's comments. Palmer was talking matter of fact. C'mon, let's dig into stories that are actually there.

Priority Sports is "mulling action against" agent Alvin Keels because Keels initiated contact with a player during the "five day termination period".

Neither Roy Williams or Mike Zimmer believes that the veteran safety has lost a step.

USA Today: The Offense Can Only Get Better.

Andrew Whitworth on developing a cohesive offensive line unit:

"That's something that happens over time. It's nothing you rush," Whitworth said. "Even your good lines that have been together a lot of years are still developing and learning. You get the best five guys out there who want to win and work the most."

The Chickster goes through a list of players that will "break out" in 2009. Then he says of Andre Smith that the offensive tackle "needs to grow up".

Dave asks if the Bengals can beat the Ravens and Steelers. Yes.

Geoff Hobson talks to Ben Utecht about his other job -- Christian band.