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Report: Andre Smith officially back with agent Alvin Keels

Andre Smith has formally filed the paperwork to reacquire agent Alvin Keels, writes the Enquirer's Joe Reedy. The concern remains.

Keels was Smith's agent during his terrible Combine. Quickly fired before the NFL Draft, Smith hired another agent to help improve his draft stock. Rick Smith was reportedly favored by the Bengals. Whether or not Smith's agent was a determining factor for the Bengals, who knows. Anyway, Smith fired Smith and re-hired Keels. Got it? This is the point where "if there's smoke" actually becomes fire. Blah, blah, blah. You guys know the chronological stories by heart now.

We've wondered it before. Does it matter who Smith's agent is? No -- at least not right now. Will Smith holdout? It wouldn't be uncommon for top-ten picks to hold-out, so Smith wouldn't be in any exclusive club. Remember, last year Keith Rivers, a standup guy that holds no flags for character issues (as some half-baked idealists harp that character issues will be Smith's primary reason for holding out), missed 10 days and 12 practices during his hold out last year before the two sides came to an agreement.