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Open Thread: Best Bengals Game since 2006.

In March, Cincy Jungle enjoyed it's third year in existence -- about the same amount of time during my reign at Bengals Zone with my self-given title, Senior Writer. The team's record during that time is 19-28-1. No, I'm not taking ownership of that, even though the three years before that the Bengals were 27-21 (sigh). It's just blind (bad) luck, I suppose, that Cincy Jungle has yet to experience a winning season.

What I want to do is debate possible nominations for best game ever (by the Bengals, of course), during the existence of Cincy Jungle. The rules are simple. You can only go back to 2006. You can only nominate a win -- unless you want to be that guy that nominates a loss (or any game in 2008). Once we get between 5-10 nominations, we'll bring them to a vote. You guys will choose the best game of all-time (since 2006).

You can choose any win over the Steelers (hint, we've only won once). Any of the two shutouts against the Browns. We really have 19 to choose from, but they're not completely limited by that. Maybe the high-octane 51-45 loss to the Browns. Or the 49-41 loss to the Chargers (if you want to relive 42 points allowed in the second half). But if you decide to choose a game we lost, then I can't protect you. Now, take the floor.