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Quan Cosby could make the squad as the team's punt returner

One of the highlights this weekend was the claims that Quan Cosby, one of the team's undrafted free agents, could make the squad as the top punt returner. Chick Ludwig said:

Even though Nelson (Illinois State) has been impressive, look for “Q” (Quan Cosby) to make the squad because incumbent PR Antonio Chatman is too brittle.

Darrin Simmons, the Bengals special teams coach, is looking at Cosby already, who didn't returned punts much in his University of Texas career.

"There's not much to tell out here because we're just catching the ball. He never had any issues with that in college from what I can tell," Simmons said. "He did kick return in college extensively, not punts. If you're looking for a body type for that, he fits the mold. He'll get the opportunity."

We agree with Ludwig's point that Chatman is "too brittle" and it's why I don't believe he'll make the squad this year. The team has a collection of young wide receivers, and guys that could double as punt returners. However, it also wouldn't surprise anyone if the team kept Chatman on for veteran experience. And if worse comes to worse, they could stock the team's practice squad and promote someone once Chatman falls to injury.

As for Cosby, it seems that he has the tools to make the squad. We know about his high character, motivations, as well as his reputation of being a hard worker.