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Are the Bengals the worst franchise?

The Nats Blog posed a question in response to Michael Wilbon saying that the Washington Nationals is the worst franchise in professional sports. Being a Bengals fan with some insight with futility, they asked yours truly with my impression on whom the worst franchise is. Admittedly, I'm not as well versed with other sports as I am with football.

Even though I feel in large part that Mike Brown holds us back, I couldn't come to the conclusion that the Bengals are the worst franchise in sports. We've had some issues, there's no doubt (that's saying it lightly, eh?). However, are we the absolute worst franchise? No. I gave that to the Detroit Lions. What do you guys think? Was I right to steer the Bengals away from that title? Or is this just another case of homer defending his team?

T.J. Houshmandzadeh loves a whole lot of himself. “I can’t believe how many touchdowns I caught,” Houshmandzadeh said. “It was at least eight or nine, and I should have caught more. I’ve never caught that many in one practice. You should never catch that many in one practice.”  

Chick Ludwig thinks that Tank Johnson and Domata Peko should start at defensive tackle Pat Sims rotates in at DT and DE. John Thornton disagrees.

One site previews the Bengals and Vikings match-up. They give the Vikings a 20-16 edge saying that the Bengals defense is better and that the Vikings defense and passing game will be key to success in the game. Hello? Carson Palmer anyway? Shesh. Lest us not forget the God of the Golden Arms.

Marvin Lewis on Florida wide receivers.

“Florida receivers come to the NFL prepared and ready to play,” Lewis said when asked. “They are familiar with a philosophy that we are implementing. We ask our receivers to run precise routes, read and react, block on the edge, and play with toughness. The Florida receivers do just that. We drafted Andre Caldwell in 2008 because we felt he was so well prepared to contribute immediately, which he did for us last season.”