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Bengals release offensive tackle Levi Jones

After a few weeks of posturing between agent and ownership, the Bengals finally released left tackle Levi Jones on Wednesday, writes Joe Reedy.

After two months of rumors and speculation about his future, the Bengals released Levi Jones on Wednesday. Jones was drafted in the first round by the team in 2002 and spent seven seasons here.

"Prior to the owner’s meeting the team said he was going to be traded before or during the draft and if nothing happened there they would release him,” Jones' agent, Kenneth Zuckerman, said last week. “It wasn’t us asking this. Levi isn’t asking for this. This is all brought up by them.”

Jones figures to be a $500,000 hit against the cap, writes Geoff Hobson.

Since there is no salary cap next season in the NFL, the Bengals assume what is left of Jones' pro-rated signing bonus in this year's cap. Since he was scheduled to make in excess of $3 million this season, that figures to be about a $500,000 hit.

The Bills and 49ers have reportedly expressed some interest in the past for Jones.

Releasing Jones all but assures that the Bengals will, save unforeseen circumstances, start Anthony Collins and Andre Smith at tackle this year.