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Tank Johnson's one-year deal worth $620,000

One thing that I failed to bring up when Tank Johnson signed, in what seemed like 19 million years ago, was the value of his deal. So I took a gander at the NFL Players Association website and looked up Terry Johnson. The one-year deal he signed on April 7, is worth $620,000. I'm not sure about guaranteed money and/or signing bonus.

Based on base pay, Johnson is essentially the second-highest paid defensive tackle on the team, with Domata Peko leading the bunch with $700,000. Jason Shirley and Pat Sims each make $385,000 with Orien Harris pulling $460,000. Johnson's deal is essentially a prove-it deal while Peko's deal escalates into the extension he signed last off-season, earning $2.75 in 2010, $2.9 million, $2.975 million, $3.1 million and $3.325 million during the following seasons. Somewhere in there is $6.75 million worth of roster, workout and/or incentives salary bonuses.