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Why the Benals weren't likely to get anything back for Levi Jones; are we really confused?

+ Apparently we're confused about Quan Cosby returning punts, in a post in which we reference Darrin Simmon's point that the wide receiver didn't return many punts in college. Apparently what we didn't know is that Cosby's job was to fair-catch punts. Which seems rather pointless, and yet identifying to Simmon's point. Returning punts isn't the same as catching punts. We have Antonio Chatman for that. We had Keiwan Ratliff before that. Either way, Cosby returned more punts than he fair caught in each of his four seasons. So, I suppose I am confused on how exactly we're apparently confused.

Return Stats
2005 11 92 0 5 38 1 30 0 0 30
2006 3 64 1 1 55 13 334 0 0 78
2007 36 178 0 17 30 42 1017 1 0 91
2008 18 38 0 12 16 17 350 0 0 32

Take away the fair catches and his punt return numbers look more like this:

2005 6 92 0 5 38
2006 2 64 1 1 55
2007 19 178 0 17 30
2008 6 38 0 12 16

That's 33 punt returns in 52 games played, or just over three punts for every fifth game. The truth of the matter is everyone is right. There's no confusion. Cosby did fair catch his share of punts, and he didn't return many punts either. Sometimes you can't have it both ways; however, on this one, both ways makes the most sense.

+ Who Dey Fans (well, Cincy Fan now) doesn't "understand why there was no effort to try and get value for" Levi Jones. I've heard this question before and I think I have the most plausible answer. The point is two-fold. One, there's the injury/durability risk. Two, the cost. By trading Jones you're responsible for the $16.3 million owed to him for the next four seasons. Teams would rather wait for the Bengals to release him so the money owed to him is wiped out and teams, if they choose to take a flyer on Jones (which we assume they will), can work under a 2-3 year deal that's incentive, based on playing time. So it's not that we thought that the Bengals weren't trying to trade him -- Jones' agent admitted that they were. It's that there wasn't likely any takers because of the existing contract and recent injury history.

Links and notes.

Could the Packers be interested in Levi Jones? Bills fans are playing with the idea. Broncos could be interested.

Jones' departing words:

"Though there were several rocky moments, I truly wish the best for my teammates and the organization," Jones wrote. "There are many fans in Cincinnati that I love and truly care about. I truly hope and wish nothing but the best for my fellow teammates. I have so much love for them.

Bengals' Tom Nelson met another Illinois State Redbird during Bengals minicamp. Mike Zimmer.

I agree somewhat with James Walker's point that the highest paid offensive lineman should be the left tackle. However, I don't think you should give that spot to someone just because of the amount of money they make. It's about what works. That, my friends, is fence sitting.

I found it surprising that Don Banks didn't list Jerome Simpson on his list of "2nd-year players who need to deliver." Perhaps it has something to do with that player's integration into the system, and how much he's being relied upon to help the team win. If that's the case, Simpson doesn't make the list. However, in our opinion, the Bengals have to see a breakout from a third wide receiver. Depending on Chad Johnson and Laveranues Coles, while fine receivers in their own-right, isn't going to help the Bengals at all.

In a piece in which Len Pasquarelli goes through a list of available free agents that could start in the league, he opens his point with Plaxico Burress as, "Obviously, after shooting himself in the leg". Only in the NFL.