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Filed under: links are breaking; not our fault

Since re-launched, we've noticed a serious issue with their site. Anytime that we link one of their stories, within a few days, that links turns into a page that reads "The Article may have expired or has been deleted." Going through our posts, over a day old, we're seeing that the URL is actually being changed once the article is updated.

For example, when reports surfaced that Roy Williams signed with the Bengals, the URL was ""

When those reports were confirmed, the URL went to ""

When the Bengals cut Levi Jones, the URL was: "".

When quotes were added and the piece's headline changed to "Levi: No bitterness", the URL changed to ""

The bold is where the URL actually changes. I'm not ripping on the team's site, but when you click on a link for a story on, and get that message "The Article may have expired or has been deleted", then know we didn't mess that up. The site's URL changed. And honestly, we don't have the time, nor the the patience, to go back to and change every URL when the story changes.