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Roy Williams deal is for one-year worth $750,000

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It was reported that Roy Williams and the Cincinnati Bengals agreed to a one-year deal on Wednesday. It became formal on Thursday. By Saturday, the paperwork was submitted to the NFL Players Association. In Joe Reedy's post announcing the decision, he writes that the two sides are "expected to agree to a one-year deal worth seven figures."

Officially, the base salary for Williams in 2009 is $750,000. There's no word on a signing bonus, a roster bonus, or any other bonus that makes it a seven-figure deal. However, it's very routine that players sign low base-salary contracts while receiving a bulk of their money through bonuses that are guaranteed and often up-front.

I did like this from the Associated Press:

Williams originally visited the Bengals on March 19, but at the time, coach Marvin Lewis told him the team had higher priorities than signing the safety. The Bengals had already decided to keep safety Chris Crocker, and were looking to upgrade its offensive and defensive lines.

"We were very open and candid with Roy and told Roy we had other priorities that we felt were more important, and Roy would text me and remind me of those as we checked them off," Lewis said.

He really did want to play in Cincinnati. Or no one else wanted him.