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Leon Hall's DUI charge reduced to reckless ops

On Monday, Leon Hall pleaded guilty to reckless operation of a vehicle after his lawyer, Ed Perry, and the Clermont County Prosecutor's office reached a plea agreement, writes Steve Kemme. Clermont County Municipal Court Judge James A. Shriver sentenced Hall to 30 days in jail, suspending 27 days, forcing him to spend the other three days in a "residential driver intervention program."

Hall also must serve 64 hours of community service, pay a $250 fine and donate $500 to the USO (United Services Organization), a non-profit group dedicated to boosting the morale of American military troops around the world by providing entertainment, recreation and other services.

The league is unlikely to punish Hall since the sentence was reduced to a reckless operation, and no DUI conviction was made. However, that's not concrete by any means. Quite frankly, the league can do whatever the hell they want.

Later on, Hall said, my bad folks.

"Today I learned that my charge was amended and reduced to Reckless Operation of a Vehicle," Hall said. "I regret that I placed myself in that situation, and I want to apologize to my family, the Cincinnati Bengals organization, my teammates, the Cincinnati community and Commissioner Goodell. I have learned a very valuable lesson and I look forward to the upcoming season.