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Should the Bengals Consider Jeremy Jarmon?

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Granted, this is coming from a home cooking point of view being a UK fan and all, but should the Bengals consider getting the Kentucky defensive end in the upcoming supplemental draft on July 16?  In case you haven't heard about Jarmon's situation, he was supposed to enter his final year of eligibility this fall, but instead was dismissed from the team for taking an unapproved-by-the-NCAA weight-loss supplement.  No, Jarmon's case was not steroid or HGH-related.  Rather, it was an uniformed choice by a player who's known as one of the good guys.

Obviously, being a nice guy doesn't automatically improve the incoming team's situation, so what else does Jarmon bring to the table?  For one, he can get to the quarterback.  During his sophomore season, Jarmon collected 13.5 sacks and was named second-team All SEC.  Last season, his sack numbers dropped to 4.5, but he was still productive enough to make at least one second-team roster again.  Jarmon was also told he had the potential to be a first-day pick after his senior season.  Now that that's out of the question, Jarmon is turning the NFL's supplemental draft, and he's getting some interest as well.

With that in mind, and when you consider the defensive ends already present on Cincy's roster, going after Jarmon makes sense.  As you can see in the above video, Jarmon can indeed get the quarterback and his lateral movement once the pocket breaks down is also note-worthy.  It also helps when you consider just how much of a problem the Bengals have had getting to the quarterback in recent years.

Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part, but keep in mind, the Eagles have shown interest, so it's not without precedence.  Conversely, if the Bengals were to select a player from the July supplemental draft, they'd lose that corresponding pick in 2010's official draft. 

Based on all of the above, do you think Jarmon's worth the risk?