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Wednesday Links and Notes: Could next week determine if 2009 will be a sellout?

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On Saturday June 20, the Cincinnati Bengals will play host to potential season ticket buyers. From 9 a.m. until noon, potential season ticket buyers will be able to "personally inspect and choose from the best available seat locations." My feeling is this. If the Bengals stand a chance to sell out their season from start to finish, Saturday the 20th will be a big day.

Domata Peko wants to be the league's best defensive tackle:

Peko is already crunching numbers. Not only would he like to pass Rogers this year and lead the league in tackles, but he'd like to get at least five sacks. A big number, considering he only had  0.5 last year and 4.5 in his three-year career.

Chad Johnson on his return to Cincinnati and workout at OTAs.

"They were running me in there at times and working me through," The Ocho said. "Everybody looked good to me."

Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson are working hard right now for more playing time when the season starts.

Rey Maualuga is already "sweeping the community", visiting the Ronald McDonald House on Wednesday.

Chad Johnson got three tattoos on his face. Three. On. His. Face.