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Mark Sanchez signs deal; sets the ceiling for what's offered for Andre Smith

Reports are surfacing, via Pro Football Talk, that quarterback Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets have agreed to a deal. The five-year deal has $28 million guaranteed with a maximum value of $60 million. Sanchez was picked fifth in the 2009 NFL draft. The Bengals picked sixth, and selected Andre Smith.

We're likely looking at the ceiling for Smith's deal. He'll probably get five years, but less than $28 million guaranteed. How much less? Knowing the Bengals, they'll want to know the floor before offering Smith anything.

Last year, Vernon Gholston signed a five-year contract with $21 million in guaranteed money. Mike Florio writes that Sanchez's deal is a 56% increase over last year's contract signed by the fifth overall pick, defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey. However you figure all that out, you figure that Smith likely will at least get five years and more than $25 million guaranteed.