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Love or Hate Ocho?

So are we loving Ocho or hating Ocho now? I see two motives for him showing up to practice. The first is to stir the media to seek him out for more headlines. His ego is fed by microphones stuffed in his face. The second is that of his omission of sand bagging last year. Admitting what we all suspected has hurt his stock.He is eager to regain his lost reputation. Either way or the combination of both, this is going to prove benificial to the Bengals.

Chad's motives are always suspect. Very seldom does it appear that he has any concern for the team or it's overall success. But taking advantage of Chad at this low point in his individual character to further the team is the ultimate in manipulation reversal for Bengal ownership. Chad has to perform...He has no choice! A lackluster year this year would mean financial disaster for any future contract negotiations. The Bengal strategy of not giving in has appeared to taken a toll on Chad and his marketability. Unfortunate that a once promising career path had to take this bumpy road.

Chad is no longer a part of the Bengals long range goals. He will serve his usefulness this year and maybe next in giving younger talent time to develop. He is on the cusp of being a "has-been". His actions appear to be showing football fans that he might be realizing this fact for himself. His future now rides on the arm of Carson Palmer and the team success of the Bengals. He must be less of an individual to prove his worth, what irony is that!

Showing up to practice and saying what you think people want to hear only rings hollow in my ears. So you burned Leon Hall in practice, so what! You decided to get yourself in better shape this year, good on you for doing what you are suppose to do to play in the NFL. The only advantage I see to this is that Chad is in need of a character overhaul and the only place to do this is on the field,in big games, when it counts. As a fan I do hope Chad puts it all together this year. Then maybe the Bengals will get some decent talent in trade while winning.

Chad everyone in Cincinnati once loved you. The wedge that is there now between you and the fans has been driven in place by you. The benefit to the team this year might be your own selfish need to perform to get paid down the road and as a fan I can except that. Why? Because for us fans it is still about the team and winning!