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Chad Ochocinco spending time with Carson Palmer and family

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While Carson Palmer worked most of the offseason with the team's young talent in California and early with OTAs, Chad Johnson said during Joe Buck Live that the receiver and quarterback plan to make up a lot of the time they missed together.

The Associated Press writes that:

Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco says he plans to stay with quarterback Carson Palmer’s family in July to make up for the lost time of the pair not working together much during the offseason.

We're sure this has a lot to do with Palmer's criticism when Johnson decided to stay away from voluntary camp. And we know that voluntary camp is only voluntary by name; if you don't show up, you're criticized and questioned about your commitment.

Scary isn't it? The possibility that Johnson is back on the same page as the Bengals and now he's committing himself to the team and his quarterback?