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Former Bengals players find home in UFL; there's a twinkle in Palmer's eye

As Mr. NC-17 points out, several former Bengals players found a home during last night's UFL Draft. Some of the names include former running backs Chris Perry and Quincy Wilson, linebacker Anthony Schlegel, cornerback T.J. Wright, safety Mike Doss and tight end Ronnie Ghent. Five former Bengals players found a home with the Orlando franchise while Ghent went to New York. We're sure that we're missing someone (or two). Let us know if we do.

Player Position UFL Team
Chris Perry RB Orlando
Quincy Wilson RB Orlando
Mike Doss DB Orlando
Anthony Schlegel LB Orlando
T.J. Wright DB Orlando
Ronnie Ghent TE New York

James Walker writes that Jeremi Johnson participated in his first practices but "still appears he has some work to do to get to his ideal playing weight."

Quotes from a physical secondary.

“If anything, we’re going to be a physical secondary,” (Chris) Crocker said.

Said (Roy) Williams: “We bring a presence that we’re not backing down from anyone and we’re going to hit you. We’ll be able to let receivers know that we’re back there and we’re head hunting.”

You have to like it when John Clayton starts a piece saying "For the first time in a couple of years, a positive twinkle was seen in Carson Palmer's eyes."

The Denver Broncos released Herana-Daze Jones.