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Leon Hall could still face punishment

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We speculated on Monday that the league won't likely punish Leon Hall because of his reduced charge of reckless operation of a vehicle after initially charged with a DUI. There's also the issue that being a first time offender, that Hall could be slapped with a fine. From the beginning, I've believed that the league's revised personal conduct policy was good with intentions, but terribly dangerous in practice. There was too much room for the league to hand discipline that would be deemed unfair, depending on your last name and the team that you played for.

As former best friend James Walker writes, the league could still discipline Hall.

Despite his drunken driving case being reduced this week to a misdemeanor charge of reckless operation of a vehicle, the former first-round pick could face a fine or suspension before the 2009 season.

"Yes, he is still under review for potential discipline," NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello said Tuesday. "Pleading to a lower charge doesn't prevent you from discipline."

The league is expected to examine the facts of the case and determine what to do next with Hall. According to the Bengals, Hall hasn't had any additional transgressions with the law. That could work in Hall's favor, because the NFL typically grants leniency to first-time offenders.