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Bengals sign sixth-round draft pick Bernard Scott to four-year deal

On Saturday afternoon, the Bengals signed running back Bernard Scott, the second sixth-round draft pick by the Bengals in the 2009 NFL Draft (ak513 referenced it earlier in the FanPosts). Terms haven't been disclosed. The deal is for four years, writes Joe Reedy, at league minimum. On Thursday, Reedy clarified league minimum by saying:

Since I will be using with the middle- and late-round guys a lot, signed for four-years at the NFL minimum, what does that mean?

The player’s base salary will be $310,000 this year, $395,000 next year, $480,000 in 2011 and $565,000 in 2012 for $1.75 million over the four years. The difference in the contract is with the signing bonus. The lower the pick, the less the signing bonus.

However, Trent and Brown signed significantly different deals, with $661,000 separating the two, which could mean additional bonuses that aren't transcribed. Either way, three draft picks signed, eight to go.

Bernard Scott writes on his website:

Just finished signing my NFL contract with the Bengals. It's a great feeling. I wasn't worried about it but it's cool to have it done and focus on nothing but football. This is a good franchise and I think we will surprise some people out there.

Bengals sign CB Morgan Trent - Four Years, $1.85 million and $112,000 signing bonus. Bengals sign WR Freddie Brown - Four Years, $1.189 million and (approx.) $37,500 signing bonus.