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Bengals sign seventh-round draft pick, Defensive Tackle Clinton McDonald; four down, seven to go

When the Bengals signed Tank Johnson, it meant the end for John Thornton's career in Cincinnati. It also meant that Orien Harris went to fourth or fifth on the team's defensive tackle depth chart -- depending of course how you view Jason Shirley. Oh, the Bengals weren't done. With their tenth pick on Sunday, the middle of three seventh round draft picks, the Cincinnati Bengals drafted Memphis defensive tackle Clinton McDonald. Since the Bengals had a core of defensive tackles in Tank Johnson, Domata Peko, Pat Sims and Shirley, the likelihood of keeping Harris over any of those guys was incredibly small. The option, release Harris.

Or trade him for a running back in Brian Leonard, who was selected second in the 2007 NFL Draft. Shocking. The fact that the Bengals were able to trade for someone that we're likely to use in 2009 for a guy that they were all but sure to release, is, well, you have to admit, it's kind of impressive.

Then on Monday, the Bengals reportedly signed McDonald, giving the Bengals their fourth draft picks signed. Seven to go. When terms are released and known, we'll pass that to you.

Bengals sign CB Morgan Trent - Four Years, $1.85 million and $112,000 signing bonus. Bengals sign WR Freddie Brown - Four Years, $1.189 million and (approx.) $37,500 signing bonus. Bengals sign RB Bernard Scott.