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CincyJungle was asked if Chad Johnson is good for the NFL, or a distraction in the league

Every so often people think highly enough of your resident Bengals blogger that they're hoping to bring some class, discussion, and insight on the Bengals. Admittedly, I like messing with the depth chart, thinking about the product that the Bengals will put on the field. I like dealing with contract related news as much as a chain-smoker likes sitting through church.

In the past, yours truly has guest spotted on several "fantastic" national publications -- which is really easy because I'm basically dumbing down a point of you that we discuss ad nauseam. You know. Like Chad Johnson. Or Corey Dillon several years ago (those days were FUN!). We did guest spots after the draft, joined the New York Times and did some super-uncomfortable voicemail thing about our draft pick with Shutdown Corner. Some of our writers did quick interviews with media outlets in the days before the draft.

This weekend, the Washington Post asked us to opine Chad Johnson. The topic was easy. Is Chad Johnson good for the NFL? Is Johnson refreshing to the sport, or a distraction to the league? My point was simple. He has his moments of distractions and his moments of good-natured entertainment. However, to lift him above the distractions of other wide receivers in the league that drink and drive and shoot firearms in clubs? I don't think so. But he's not without his own distractions. For sure.