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James Brooks would have punched Chad "right in the face" if Ochocinco tried to pull anything

Many have accepted the realities of the modern NFL wide receiver; a whole lot of me, some of the team. We figured, touchdowns outweigh a dignified public persona that doesn't have the antagonists saturating an already watered-down argument. When you get right down to it, team, team, team. If we have a bunch of average guys winning ten games who don't say a bleep, we'll take that. Four wins, a lot of quotes, some nifty dance move; well, not so much.

One old school player (if the 80s are considered old school) who doesn't care for anything Chad does off the football field, is James Brooks. Chick Ludwig writes that Brooks' "era would’ve never tolerated Ochocinco’s antics."

“I would’ve been arrested for assault right in the locker room,” Brooks said. “The first time (Chad) tried to pull anything, I’d have walked up to him and punched him right in the face. Football is a team game. The team comes first. Individuals come second.”

Just goes to show you, that attitude of "old school" no longer exists. So do we keep fighting it? Or just accept it? Not that we're trying to characterize Chad or anything.