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Cedric Benson is the workhorse; Jordan Palmer closer to backup role than we think?

Even though a five-man competition for two spots at running back will make training camp somewhat more interesting, Cedric Benson is the man to lead them all. Not only that, but he really wants to carry this team on his back.

“No doubt, I’m ready to carry this team on my back,” Benson said. “I’m due, hungry for it, miss it, and excited. It’s good to be on a team that wants you. It’s a great opportunity for me and I am definitely going to seize every moment.

“I plan to take full advantage of those opportunities and see where it takes us. I’m about whatever it takes to get the job done. I think I am in the best situation that I can be in and it has to happen for me here.”

Carson Palmer talks.

The Chickster quotes ESPN's John Clayton:

“I might not buy Chad Ochocinco’s playoff guarantee, but I guarantee the Bengals will be good on offense as long as Carson Palmer is healthy. Andre Caldwell is showing some promise as a slot receiver. Ochocinco is back to being a top-level receiver after training hard this offseason. On defense, Mike Zimmer has a decent group with good speed and improved ability to pressure the quarterback. My concern might be the offensive line, but that’s hard to evaluate until the team is in pads.”

WDR concludes after cutting "through the crap" that optimism with this Cincinnati Bengals squad isn't warranted.

What does it mean when Carlos Holmes says "Jonathan Fanene filled in admirably with the first team in place of Robert Geathers"? Admirably doesn't bite us as a tough football word. However, he writes that:

Jordan Palmer looked better than free agent acquisition J.T. O'Sullivan at times. He has all the physical tools and incredible arm strength to make all the throws. Palmer demonstrated his arm strength, hooking up with receivers repeatedly for long touchdowns.

The next time that we see Andre Smith, it'll be when he's signed to a contract. Since that could take some time, the key now is getting Anthony Collins ready at right tackle. And here's hoping that Collins takes advantage of every opportunity to keep the spot.

Men's track and field, swimming and cross country were "whacked" while Brian Kelly gets a new deal as the University of Cincinnati's football coach. Football is the money cow at most big schools. You can't look past that.