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Shayne Graham and the Bengals exchange contract proposals

We've hit that period in the offseason where it gets really, really calm before all of the arguments and news that comes with training camp really takes off. It'll be non-stop. It'll be bloody. Updates. Injuries. Notes. News. Blah. Things will come out of angles and places we never knew existed. Settle down. Calm the nerves. Put the steak back into the marinade. That's still several weeks a way, so we can rest our twinkie fingers for awhile.

However, negotiations and contracts can start taking a life of their own. One side will publicly talk about how far the other side is. Are numbers off because of a signing bonus, or overall guaranteed money? Does a player want four years whereas team wants five? Mostly these issue revolve around rookies. Then there's extensions. Who do you extend and for how long? Johnathan Joseph will be a free agent after 2010 (though restricted if all uncapped year chatter becomes reality). Do you start thinking of his extension now? Or do you wait until the offseason next year?

There is one that's being addressed right now. Bengals place kick Shayne Graham signed his franchise contract, guaranteeing all $2.483 of his one-year deal a few months ago. In most cases, teams want to lock up their franchise guy for as long as they can. Therefore, negotiations continue in an effort to reduce the number against the cap, while giving the player additional years of work. Team and agent for Shayne Graham have exchanged contract proposals, writes Lance McAlister on his blog.

Things I'm told
The Bengals and franchise kicker Shayne Graham have exchanged contract proposals.
The recent contract signed by Houston Texans kicker Kris Brown will play a factor in negotiations.
He signed a 4-year 10-million dollar deal, with a 2.5 million dollar bonus last week.