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When Bad Karma Attacks; introducing "Crap Breaks 2009"

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Let me tell you about a 24 hour period in which I'm calling "Crap Breaks '09". On Thursday night, Cincinnati (at least the northern part) got these massive storms that rolled through. Lightening flashed like an uncoordinated strobe light. Thunder was like endless mortar shells dropping into the Ardennes Forest. Trees leaned like being pressed by the hand of God. It was crazy. It was the start of "Crap Breaks '09".

The power blipped Thursday night. It didn't die; just bounced. Everything shutdown and came back on within two breaths. My desktop computer didn't, sitting with a pitch black monitor and no life support. Pushing the power button didn't work. It was dead. I replaced the power supply. Nothing. I removed all of the components save for the critical parts to make it run. Nothing. Computadora muerta, as Chad would say. The desktop I have has been in service since 2001 -- which is an amazing life-span for any computer -- and it's finally dead. In truth, it's kind of a blessing. You know what I'm talking about. A television breaks, you go out and buy something better; excuses that allow you to make choices that were otherwise unavailable to you. Me? I bought all brand new components for a desktop computer, with parts in mind to create a home entertainment system.

That wasn't it. While I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my system, I plugged in the vacuum cleaner to sweep out the dust inside the computer. When I turned it on, nothing. Aspirador muerto, as Chad would say. Now the vacuum wasn't plugged into the wall, so it didn't likely die during the storms. Either way, that's two things I found broken on Thursday that I have to repair (or have repaired).

After all that, I still had a bounce in my step. Things could be worse. After work, I pulled into the driveway, flung my laptop case over my right shoulder and opened the front door. First thing I want to do: turn on the air conditioning. It's been hot and stuffy lately in Cincinnati, so it makes sense that I would go straight the A/C and crank the sonuvabitch on. Nothing. Acondicionador de aire muerto, as Chad would say. Luckily I live in an apartment complex, so the work and cost to repair the air conditioning isn't on me.

Talk about karma. I'm just waiting for my legs to accidently fall off at this point.