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Jeanty praises Maualuga; Robert Jackson has no regrets; Once the observer, Kyle Cook earned his job

The Enquirer wrote a piece on Chad's Twittering adventures. It's kind of surprising. That's something you'll expect to see at a blog like Cincy Jungle; but a newspaper?

Kyle Cook spent most of his time last season, while injured, studying and observing.

“Even when I was hurt, I was still sitting in the back of the room paying attention, watching film, seeing what works against these guys and what doesn’t work against these guys. You get to see everything that goes on. You learn the right things and you also learn the wrong things.”

The Bengals offense is still Brat's offense, says Carson Palmer. However, Chick Ludwig points out that we should "look for more shifting and motioning by the wide receivers and running backs in an attempt to create matchup problems for enemy defenses."

Rashad Jeanty praises Rey Maualuga:

"You can tell he’s a middle linebacker,” Jeanty said, “but he’s playing like a strong-side linebacker’s supposed to. He’s tough. He’s sticking his head in there. He’s a guy who reminds me a little of myself.” Jeanty acknowledged the competition will be tough, but he sees nothing wrong with that. “Whoever is not the starter, I’ll tell you, he’s going to be a hell of a backup,” Jeanty said.

In 1988, former defensive back Robert Jackson had "waged" such a contract dispute with the Cincinnati Bengals, that he sat out the entire season and missed Super Bowl XXIII. He torn knee ligaments during a preseason game in 1982, which kept him from playing in Super Bowl XVI. Many years later, he holds no regrets.

"I don't feel cheated by anything that might have been seen as negative in my career," Jackson said. "The injuries, the contract thing while playing in the business of the NFL, was all part of the game. I understand that.

"In 1988, I just felt I was above that normal standard of pro defensive backs. My play and numbers showed I was among the best secondary players in the NFL at that time. I did what I had to do, and the Bengals did what they had to do. The only thing I didn't like was they held my rights and I couldn't go anywhere else."

Dave points out that Central Michigan offensive lineman Joe McMahon is available for July's supplemental draft. It's not that I believe in trends, or karma. However, the last two offensive linemen that we picked up from Central Michigan were Eric Ghiaciuc and Adam Kieft. Just saying.

Irony Note of the Week: Before Ghiaciuc and Kieft, the last player from Central Michigan the Bengals drafted was, Robert Jackson.