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Chad Johnson will attend the Bengals mandatory camp on June 17

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We've clearly hit our Chad Johnson quota for the week. I spent time arguing that Carson Palmer's points about Johnson, to the media, was being blown entirely out of proportion. Palmer spoke truth. The media, like the Senate, recognized it as war. It was going from informative, to gossip mongering. On Tuesday we wrote that Chad Johnson and head coach Marvin Lewis spoke. Baby steps. Progress. On Wednesday morning, we referenced an Eric Ghiaciuc quote that talked about distraction, clearly hinting at Johnson as one of those distractions.

Chad will definitely attend the team's mandatory minicamp on June 18, writes Joe Reedy.

“Of course, why not go and show off the product?” said Ochocinco of the upcoming minicamp. “Why not leave my coaches mouths wide open?”

“I’m sure all the people in Cincinnati think I’m really not doing that much but you’ll see the results with the work I’m putting in right now."