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Scouts, Inc: Bengals rushing offense is a weakness

Scouts Inc, by way of ESPN, writes that the Bengals biggest weakness is the team's running game. Matt Williamson makes his case in that Cedric Benson's numbers are inflated after beating up on the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs.

Benson accumulated that yardage against the hapless Browns and Chiefs in the final week of the season. In Benson's three appearances against the Steelers and Ravens, he carried the ball 30 times and mustered only 104 yards. The Bengals lost those three games by a combined score of 99-23.

Williamson goes to write that the Bengals are very weak with their depth with Brian Leonard, Kenny Watson, DeDe Dorsey and Bernard Scott.

While I understand where Williamson is coming from, I think a more accurate forecast would simply be "unknown". Sure, Benson struggled against the better teams, but rushing the ball was quickly an after-thought after the Bengals were forced to come from behind with double-digit deficits. Then there's the blocking issues. Now? If you read the reports, the impressions of Carson Palmer, Benson this year will be vastly improved over the Benson of last year. Leonard. Scott. Unknown commodities. Where will they play? What will their contributions be?

Either way, I can understand the conservative view that the Bengals rushing offense is a weakness. However, there's so much unknown, so much changing (including the team's playbook and an easier schedule), that I wouldn't be surprised if the team's rushing offense becomes a strength.