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Filed under: Virtual Hall of Fame Resumes

Earlier this year, the Bengals Virtual Hall of Fame introduced two inaugural members; Paul Brown and Anthony Munoz. Brown is the father of the Cincinnati Bengals. Munoz is the team's only Hall of Fame inductee. Both were the proper selections.

The Virtual Hall of Fame is something run through the site, for the fans. As far as we know, the team isn't acknowledging it in that they're not making plaques, retiring numbers, or having any sort of awards ceremony. Why they don't introduce a Ring of Honor, to celebrate the team's past greats, I'll never know. So did the next best thing to introduce a Virtual Hall of Fame.

The site is doing another round, putting ten great names on the nomination list. You select three. The nominations are:

Ken Anderson
James Brooks
Cris Collinsworth
Isaac Curtis
Boomer Esiason
David Fulcher
Tim Krumrie
Lemar Parrish
Ken Riley
Sam Wyche

Make sure you vote.

Now, discuss the travesty that the league is doing to the Bengals by not inducting (at least) Ken Anderson and The Rattler Ken Riley into the Hall of Fame.

Anderson: Four passing titles. Four Pro Bowls
Riley: 65 Interceptions (fifth most in NFL History)