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The Ladies of Ocho’s Twitter

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I'll say this for Chad, he's knows what he's looking for when he follows you from his Twitter account.  Sorry, guys, it's not being a Bengals fan, either.  No, what motivates COC to hit the "Follow" button looks pretty simple, really -- are you, OGOchoCinco's newest follower:

A. female
B. hot or not?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, chances are Chad will return your "follow" with one of his own. Of Ocho's 160-something people he's following, most of them would qualify as being an attractive female.  Check out page 2 for an example.  In fact, there are only eight out of the 164 that aren't female, meaning, here's a man who knows what he wants out of Twitter and isn't afraid to prioritze his account in such a manner.

This news probably sucks for some fans who thought they'd be able to use Twitter to get closer to some of their favorite players -- or at least the representatives who may or may not be responsible for updating these types of accounts.  Don't feel bad, though.  Very few athletes "follow" us peons in return, but some are willing to respond.

Both Josh and I have had responses from Dhani's Twitter account.  Of course, us pimping his show probably had a lot to do with that.

As for Chad, it looks like he's has found yet another use for the still-no-business-model Twitter:  something along the lines of a BBS-based Adult Friend Finder, and that's just alright by me.