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Bengals follow the path of the underdog; The Big Whit 77... and Santonio Holmes compared to Ochocinco?

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"With the three wide receivers they have (Chad Ochocinco, Laveranues Coles and Chris Henry) and the quarterback they have, they can be as exciting as the Cardinals offensively if they get things rolling right."
- Boomer Esiason on the 2009 Bengals possibly following the path of the 2008 Arizona Cardinals.

Andrew Whitworth formed the Big Whit 77 Foundation, which is a: "non-profit organization that will be dedicated to mentoring youth, giving financial assistance to families with sick children and aiding in fostering and adopting children in northeast Louisiana."

James Walker posts reader comments, debating Bengals vs. the Browns. "Eric Mangini. He has better talent in the trenches to work with than the Bengals, and he's already keeping his team in check more than Marvin Lewis has in his half-decade of coaching the Bengals." Good start with the Connecticut trip. The entire team was totally on board with that.

But I still think that Chad Johnson is the better option compared to Santonio Holmes. And it's not because he's a Steeler -- Holmes is also an Ohio State Buckeye so I like the guy. Think of it this way. Johnson had a career low season, injuries, bad offseason regiment and far older. What does that say about Holmes when we're coming him to a guy on the back-end of his career, six years older that lacked little motivation and dealt with injuries throughout 2008? Sorry. Johnson comes back to averages and it smokes Holmes -- pun, totally intended.