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Chad Johnson returns to Cincinnati; expected to take the field

As it would seem, the Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson's media blitz last week was a precursor. Perhaps it's a Repair My Reputation campaign. He admitted to alot; being humble, needing the fans; saying all of the right words to get our collective butts further encouraged with a momentum-strong defense, a good draft class and the return of the God of the Golden Arms.

It also helps that Chad returns to Paul Brown stadium to take a physical before a voluntary workout. Wasn't that the last thing we asked of him before the season? Didn't we ask that he reconnect with his teammates and coaches? Check. Didn't we ask that he returns to Cincinnati? Apparently that's a check too. Next thing is being bad-ass. We're getting there.

UPDATE: ESPN's James Walker writes:

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco reported to organized team activities Tuesday and is expected to be on the practice field.