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Bengals sign fourth-round draft pick Jonathan Luigs; seven down and only four to go

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Meticulously, the Bengals are getting their draft picks signed. Less than a week ago, the Bengals fifth-round punter Kevin Huber. On Tuesday, the Bengals reached an agreement with center Jonathan Luigs, writes Geoff Hobson. "Luigs, a former Rimington Trophy winner out of Arkansas, is expected to stick with the club as a backup center and guard."

The deal is likely a four-year deal, which we presume is the minimum base pay ($1.75 million) but a higher signing bonus than what punter Kevin Huber signed. Both Luigs and Huber's deals are still undisclosed.

(UPDATE: Joe Reedy writes that Luigs' deal is around $2.259 million "with a signing bonus of approximately $509,000")

Luigs brings the count of drafted players signed to NFL contracts to seven, with Chase Coffman, Michael Johnson, Rey Maualuga and Andre Smith unsigned -- all players drafted in the first, second and third rounds of the NFL Draft.

You can keep up to date on the draft pick signings here.

As a result of the signing, the Bengals had to cut Simeon Castille. Hobson actually questioned the move, saying that the "move is a slight surprise given that cornerback depth is seen as one of the more pressing problems on defense." After Castille, the Bengals have six cornerbacks on roster -- Leon Hall, Johnathan Joseph, David Jones, Rico Murray, Morgan Trent and Geoffrey Pope.