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Making terrible points isn't enough reason for the Bengals to sign Michael Vick

Dayton Daily News' Sean McClelland gives five reasons why the Bengals should pursue quarterback Michael Vick. It seems far-fetched, doesn't it? The Bengals going after Vick. For the most part I don't mind creative thinking, no matter the subject matter. The problem with McClelland's suggestion is that neither of the five reasons are any good.

He points out that Mike Brown is a redeemer. Vick could play wildcat formations, even though there's limited evidence that the Bengals will actually use a flavor-of-the-year formation. Good story for Hard Knocks. A way for the Bengals to redeem themselves as visionaries (WTF?!) and, the fifth reason, "What does this downtrodden franchise possibly have to lose?"

Not one. Not a single point was made forcing me to think to myself, "you know, he's right. We should go after Vick." The Wildcat formation is an intriguing thought. However, I don't see the Bengals using it much -- even though it's been reported that if anyone quarterbacks Wildcat, it's Andre Caldwell. We play in a division where defenses aren't easily tricked. They adjust far better than most. Vick's not a good passer, and hasn't played regular season football since 2006. All of the promise and glitter of a speedy quarterback is based on things he did before going to prison. What's three years done to him?

The redeemer angle doesn't make sense either. Signing Vick could create a quarterback controversy. Not from us of course. We know that Carson Palmer is the man and that Vick wouldn't unseat him based on talent at the position. The difference with Tank Johnson, Bernard Scott and Chris Henry, as McClelland uses as proof that Mike Brown is a Redeemer, is that they're support role players -- not quarterbacks.

Here's a tip. Just because there's troubled players available, doesn't mean the Bengals should mindlessly go after them using points that aren't just terrible, they don't make sense. The points have to help this team. For a guy that's been out of football for so long, how would he help us? -- keeping the media in check since 2006.