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Bengals and FB Fui Vakapuna agree to a four-year deal

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On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Bengals announced Fui Vakapuna and the team have reached a four-year deal. The base pay will likely be $1.75 million over the four years, with the guarantee more than $39,000 and less than $77,000 -- which is in between what Bernard Scott and Clinton McDonald has received. (Update: PFT writes that it's a total value of $1.811 million, which would put his signing bonus in the $61,000 neighborhood)

Vakapuna is listed as a fullback on the Bengals website and once he signs, Cincinnati will have four fullbacks under contract: Jeremi Johnson, Vakapuna, Chris Pressley, J.D. Runnels. One would image that one of the other three fullbacks would be released soon to get inside the magical 80-man roster that they're allowed to take to training camp.

As for the draft picks, the Bengals have signed all five of their players selected in the sixth and seventh rounds.

I'd like to remind you that we're still charting the rookie signings here.

(h/t ak513)