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Even though Andre Smith isn't at Bengals camp, he's still learning

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Even though rookie Andre Smith isn't with the team in Georgetown, it doesn't mean he's not learning. Geoff Hobson writes that Bengals intern (and former player) Larry Moore takes notes in meetings and sends several emails to Smith every day.

"I sent him a quiz last night and he took it and replied," (Bengals offensive line coach Paul) Alexander said. "It's keeping his mind in it. That's the best part of it."

As for contract negotiations, Joe Reedy writes that all is quiet on that front. He did bring up the theory that Vernon Gholston's contract from last year could still weigh into negotiations. Not because of guaranteed money, but overall value. Reedy says that "Darrius Heyward-Bey’s total value was also lower than last year’s No. 7, but there was more guaranteed money." I still believe that the Bengals will look at all options to keep Smith's value down. Be that looking at Aaron Curry's deal rather than Mark Sanchez's, provided the number fourth overall is given a lesser contract than a franchise-level rookie quarterback.

While the overall value could factor into negotiations, the promise of guaranteed money is a far greater issue.